Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Week 20

Saturday September 8, 2012

Week 20

You are the size of: a mango

How I’m feeling: Great!  No more sickness, but I am having trouble sleeping now.

I’m craving: everything sweet!

Señor Scale says I have gained: 7 pounds

Stretch marks:  no way!

Best moment this week: Seeing you on the sonogram and FINDING OUT YOU ARE A GIRL!!!!!!!  First things first, Daddy and I went to have a sonogram yesterday morning.  We told the woman that we wanted to be surprised that night, so she kept everything a secret from us.  When she first started the sonogram, we think you were sleeping!  You were curled up in a cute little ball, sleeping like your momma.  You were not too excited about her pressing on my tummy and waking you up!  You covered your face with both hands when she tried to get a good picture.  Once you woke up a little bit more, you were more cooperative.  We got to see you sucking your thumb, and I don’t know why, but it almost made me cry!  I was tearing up seeing you keep moving your thumb to your mouth.  You are just too cute!  After the sonogram, I had a good friend from work call a party store and order balloons for us, because I wasn’t supposed to know if they were pink or blue.  I even had your Aunt Jecka go with me to pick up the box of balloons, to make sure I didn’t see anything written down anywhere.  Later that night, we had some family and close friends over to Grandma and Grandpa Davis’ house for a Gender Reveal party.  We had everyone guess whether they thought you would be a boy or a girl.  I must confess… I really thought you were going to be a boy!  I’m sorry I’ve been calling you “he” for so long!! L Your Daddy knew you were a girl, though!  Once we opened that box of balloons and saw PINK flying out, I was so surprised and so HAPPY!!!  Someday I will show you that video.  I start tearing up every time I watch it! (What is pregnancy doing to my emotions???)   I am so excited to be having a little girl!  Your MiMi and Aunt FerFer and I went shopping for you today and bought you SO MANY adorable outfits and accessories!  I can’t wait to dress you up, my little doll!

Movement:  I have been feeling little “flutters” for a few weeks, but this week I started feeling definite kicks.  Daddy even got to feel you kick yesterday!   This has definitely been my favorite week so far!!


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