Catching up... "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" Weeks 4-8

Saturday May 19, 2012

Week 4

You are the size of: a poppy seed.  It’s so crazy to think that in a few short months, you will develop into a beautiful baby and finally be in my arms!

How/when we found out: On Monday, I started working out again, trying to get in shape for our upcoming vacation with your grandparents and the entire Cuban clan (you will already understand what that means long before you can even talk).  After working out with a trainer, I felt terrible.  I was very nauseous, so tired and a little dizzy.  I had felt nauseous a couple of times in the previous days, so I was already starting to wonder if I could be pregnant, but wanted to wait until Saturday when I knew a test would be 100% accurate.  When I woke up Tuesday still feeling yucky, I decided I couldn’t wait anymore and took an early pregnancy test.  After waiting 3 long minutes, there appeared a very faint second pink line!  I was so giddy and excited!  Your daddy was still sleeping, so I had to wait for him to wake up and become conscious enough to understand what I was so excited to tell him.  He was a little bit in shock and disbelief that this actually happened so easily for us.  I told him I needed to take another test on Saturday “to be sure”, but I already knew you were growing inside me!

How I’m feeling:  Ugh.  Little one, I am so excited to be carrying you, but it is not going too well for me.  I told your Daddy that I would know I was pregnant even if I hadn’t taken a test.  I am tired and sick allllll day long.  The sickness is the worst when I am hungry, so I am eating and snacking about every two hours.  I think I can throw the “getting in shape for vacation” out the window.  I’ll be happy if I’m not the size of an elephant by then!  It’s ok, I also told Daddy I’d rather be pregnant than skinny! J

I’m craving: …nothing really.  Just anything that sounds appetizing at the time.  I am now keeping Sprite and Saltines to calm my tummy in the middle of the night.  Yes, you are somehow waking me up at 3:30 every morning to tell me you’re hungry.  Sweetie, this only makes mommy more sleepy.

Señor Scale says I have gained: We’ll call this the “starting weight” (right- like I’m gonna document THAT!) since I haven’t really gained anything yet.

Days til your grandparents find out: 8 days!  I am dying to tell them all!  It is so hard not to spill the beans every time I talk to them.  Your Gammy actually told me last night that I have a “glow”!  I think she’s on to us, but I’m hoping I can dampen her suspicions until the Great Reveal next weekend.  Your momma is a big planner and she already has the whole thing planned out. 

Days til my first appointment: 24 days.  They won’t see me until I am 6-8 weeks along, but believe me, I would be there tomorrow if I could.

Maternity clothes: Not yet! Whew!

Stretch marks:  Nope.  Thinking about getting that cream that helps with this?

Best moment this week: Finding out about YOU!!

Movement:  It’s still too early for that.

Gender: Too early to tell, and I don’t have any “feelings” yet like I did with your cousins, Jaxon and Addilyn.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week 5

You are the size of: a sesame seed.

How I’m feeling:  This week I wasn’t feeling very sick, just tired.  It actually had me worried that something was wrong.  But today the morning sickness returned and although it isn’t fun to feel sick all day, it let me know that you were growing in there and that made me happy!

I’m craving: Still no cravings, although I am discovering I can’t eat anything too sweet without getting sick.  That is a bummer because your momma LOVES sweets and wants a dessert after every meal!

Señor Scale says I have gained: 1 pound already!  That’s not a good sign for the next 35 weeks!  Haha!  But I am not sure if that is because of being pregnant, or just the fact that I am eating so often…

Days til your grandparents find out: Just 2 hours!  J They will be here soon for dinner and your daddy and I are so excited to tell them!

Days til my first appointment: 16 days!  After my worries this week, I just can’t wait to go see the doctor!

Maternity clothes?  Not yet, but my clothes are getting tighter…some actually don’t fit anymore…

Stretch marks?  No stretch marks yet.  Your Aunt Jecka told me about some oil to use and I am going to try to get it this week!

Sleep?  I am pretty tired.  I am going to bed even earlier than usual, which is pretty early!

Best moment this week: I loved hanging all the pictures that we are using to tell your grandparents about you with your daddy. J

Gender:  Only God knows at this point!

Tuesday June 5, 2012

Week 6

You are the size of: a grain of rice.

How I’m feeling:  I am very excited that your grandparents finally know about you so that I can talk to them!  Especially since your Gia has good advice for me on the morning sickness! J They are all so excited!  Your Grandpa Davis and Aunt Jennifer already bought you some gifts!

I’m craving: Anything that will not make me sick.  Pretty much only bland food.  That’s no fun.

Señor Scale says: I am back down to the start weight! (Not that I was trying…it’s just hard to eat a lot when you’re sick).

Days til my first appointment: 7 days!  I can’t wait!  Your Gia is going with me and I am very thankful to have her there! J

Maternity clothes?  Your Aunt Jecka gave me her maternity clothes last week, but I have not looked through them yet.  I am not ready to need those sizes just yet.

Sleep?  Sleep is going ok.  I usually wake up at some point during the night, but that’s not so bad.

Best moment this week: Seeing the excitement on your grandparents’ faces when we told them about you!  It was the greatest!  Someday I’ll share the video with you.

Gender:  We still have several more weeks before we find out.  Sometimes I think you might be a boy but then other times I think you might be a girl.  I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out!  Your Grandpa Dave thinks that is because there are TWO of you in there- one of each!

Here is a Scripture that I have dedicated to you and pray for you as you grow in Mommy’s tummy:

For you created my inmost being; 
    you knit me together in my mothers womb. 
I praise you
 because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful, 
    I know that full well.
Psalm 139:13-14
Little one, I can’t wait for you to know the Lord and the power of His word!  I pray that Daddy and I are good teachers for you, but more than that, that you learn to love the Lord through our actions.  God already has great plans for your life and I am so proud and humbled to be the one to lead you in this thing called life.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week 8

You are the size of: a raspberry.

How I’m feeling:  This week I had to do some travelling for work and the flights didn’t go very well for me.  My “morning sickness” is starting to last pretty much from lunch all the way to dinner, and sometimes until I just have to go to bed.  It’s all worth it, though!

I’m craving: Nothing sounds good.  Actually, I'm having anti-cravings.  I can cross BBQ off the list for the next 7 months!

Señor Scale says: I have gained about 1 pound so far.

Maternity clothes?  Your Grandma Davis bought me some maternity dresses and leggings this week, and they are so comfy!  I can still fit into most of my regular clothes, though.

Best moment this week: We had our first appointment with Dr. Herd this week!  It was so amazing to see you on the screen and we could actually SEE your heart beating!!  That was the most incredible moment.  It looks like there is only one of you in there, but I have heard stories about second babies hiding behind the first!  I even got your first picture (don’t worry, there will be many more to come) and I look at it all the time.  I wish we could have gotten a video so that I could see the little flutter of your heart any time I want.  We should be able to hear your heart at the next appointment and I can’t wait!  

Days until my next appointment: 27.


  1. Sooooo precious! I love reading this. I'm so excited for you two!!! THIS IS REALLY COURTNEY! (It says Clint...Spivey!)

  2. Hahahaha! I just got an email saying "Clint" (no last name) commented this... I'm thinking... Clint Springer?? Then I read the comment and thought "I don't see him saying "soooo precious" hahaha!! Thanks Courtney!